Brushbox Timber Flooring

Product Description

Native to the rain-forests of central NSW and QLD, Brushbox is a large and attractive hardwood species. It is not only strong and dense, it comes in a range of naturally rich colours.

The fine, even texture of Brushbox is complemented by an interlocking grain. The result is a smooth finish which is suitable for flooring and cladding. It is a relatively durable choice – Class 3 for durability, and a 9.5 on the Janka (hardness) scale, meaning it is resistant to wear and splintering, and does not have gum veins.
The colours range from pale pinky-grey to rich reddy-brown, lending depth and warmth to each room it’s used in. Although it’s not necessary, Brushbox can also be stained as well as polished. Its unique properties make it a sought after option for solid timber flooring.


Brushbox boards can be delivered by crane truck six days a week, to metropolitan Melbourne and inner Victorian towns.

Floorboards are available in several sizes and grades, in random-length packs (0.9m – 5.0m+). Call us now on (03) 9437 1612 for our best prices, and for any further information on our range.

$72 per m2


108 x 19 ONLY $36.95 / m2