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As one of Australia’s best-known hardwood varieties, Spotted Gum is ideal for use both indoors and outdoors. This Eucalypt can be found on the east coast of Australia, from north-east Victoria through to New South Wales, and even as far north as the tablelands region of Queensland.

Spotted Gum is very striking in appearance due to the incredible mix of colours, which range from light and chocolate brown through to light green and lighter golden brown hues. The grain is often wavy, making for some very interesting patterns.

Commonly used in the construction of outdoor decks, this type of hardwood looks fantastic once it has been polished or stained. It also has a very low tannin content, reducing the risk of tannin stains. You can expect a Spotted Gum deck to last for more than 40 years if it is well maintained, as this timber has a Janka rating of 11.0 and a Class 1 natural durability rating. Spotted Gum is also relatively fire resistant, meaning it doesn’t need to be treated with any further fire retardants during processing.

Although popular for use outdoors, this hardwood species is also suitable for a range of indoor applications, such as timber flooring, lining and furnishings.

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