Spotted Gum Timber Flooring 125×14


Various sizes and grades available
From $74/m2



With its unique grain structure, Spotted Gum lends texture and interest to any home or business premises it’s used in. A native eucalypt found in NSW, QLD and VIC, Spotted Gum has a remarkable colour range from striking light green and golden brown to light chocolate brown. The wavy grain and moderately coarse texture is where it gets its name.

This timber has naturally high durability (Class 1), with an exceptional hardness rating of 11.0 on the Janka scale, which generally means it has a life span of 40 years (when cared for properly). It is used for a wide range of indoor projects from furnishing to panelling, as well as outdoor applications.

Spotted Gum is popular amongst designers, landscapers and homeowners alike, thanks to its attractive markings and naturally diverse colour range. It stains and polishes very well.

We stock Spotted Gum flooring in Feature, Standard or Select grade.

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