Various sizes and grades available
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Named for the distinctive bluish tinge to its bark, this species grows in forests along coastal NSW and southern Queensland. It is relatively large – trees grow up to 60m high. Sydney Bluegum is a popular choice for hardwood flooring, as it ranks at a 9.0 on the Janka scale, meaning it is highly resistant to dents and knocks from everyday wear. It has a Class 2 durability rating, which means it can also be used for cladding and outdoor applications – so designers and homeowners can consistently use the same timber throughout. It can also be used for joinery and furnishings – for example, you could match floorboards with mantles and skirting boards, for a well-coordinated classic look.

Available colours include pretty dark pink tones, red hues and rich browns, with a straight grain and moderately coarse texture. The presence of gum veins is common, and lends to the character of the timber. It is easy to work with, and looks fantastic once stained and polished.

Floorboards come in several grades and sizes, and come in packs of random lengths (0.9m through to approximately 5.0m+).

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