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A popular Australian native hardwood species, Tallowwood is found along the coast between the Hunter Valley area of New South Wales and Maryborough, Queensland. Ideal for timber flooring, it is a durable hardwood that can be used for both internal and exterior applications.

Usually featuring an interlocked grain, is possesses a moderately coarse yet even texture. With a very solid composition, Tallowwood rates at 8.6 in terms of hardness on the Janka scale. Ranging in colour from a pale brown through to a dark, yellowy brown, it can also feature a slightly olive tinge at times. This particular species of Eucalypt is rather unique due to the absence of gum veins, and it is great for those who want something that little bit different.

An easy material to work with, Tallowwood looks great once it is polished and stained, making it a very popular choice of hardwood timber flooring. It is also very resistant to moisture, decay and insect infestation – making it ideal for use outside. Tallowwood is often used in decking, fencing, retaining walls and other landscaping applications. It is also used to make structural plywood.

At QDT, we stock Tallowwood floorboards in a range of different grades and sizes. Packs come with pieces ranging between 0.9m and 5.0m in length – sometimes a little longer. If you would like to find out more about Tallowwood as a timber floor and decking product, don’t hesitate to contact us today on (03) 94371612. We’re more than happy to discuss your specific requirements, answer your questions and provide you with advice – we pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service.

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