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Found in the mountainous regions of Tasmania, southeast New South Wales and Victoria, this hardwood is a high-quality Australian native and it includes three different varieties. It is consistently strong and very versatile, making it ideal for a wide range of different uses, including flooring, joinery, and paneling, manufacturing boxes and crates, and also producing plywood.

This stunning hardwood is a very popular choice of solid hardwood timber flooring, as it is very durable and looks great when stained. Generally light brown and cream in colour, making it ideal for those who want a light, fresh-looking floor. Also referred to as Victorian Ash when harvested in the state of Victoria, there is very little difference between the two species. Tasmanian Oak is often a little darker and more varied in colour, however they both produce beautiful timber floors that suit just about any décor – whether your home is modern or classic in design.

A Light Option for Flooring

With a Janka rating of 5.5, it is a little softer than some of the other hardwood varieties we have on offer here at Quality Discount Timber such as Blackbutt and Merbau. This being said, this timber is still quite durable – and the benefits are it glues, sands and polishes very easily. This beautiful hardwood is suitable for both internal and external applications.

We offer Tasmanian Oak flooring in Feature Grade, Standard Grade and Select Grade, so you can choose the option that best suits your needs and budget. This high quality timber comes in packs, with varied lengths ranging from 09.m to 5.0m long.

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