H3 Treated Pine Timber Framing

Various sizes and grades available
Prices from $7.70/LM



Native to the central coastline of California, Radiata Pine is an environmentally sustainable timber variety. This fast-growing softwood species is grown across Australia and New Zealand in plantations, and it is treated with termite and fungus protection during processing.

Once treated, it is relatively durable and resistant to decay and insect infestation – hence the Class 2 rating. It is used extensively outdoors, and is a very popular choice when it comes to decking construction. Pale yellow in colour, it acquires a greenish tinge once treated. The grain is fine, straight and even, and knots are relatively common.

Treated pine is commonly used in decking, fencing, outdoor structures, retaining walls, and also as bearers and joists in most decking constructions – even when another sort of timber is used to construct the decking itself. Treated pine is a fairly soft timber, as it only has a Janka rating of 3.3, however it is still a very popular choice of timber for decking in Melbourne, as it is very affordable. Even though it’s cheaper and not quite as tough, it can still last for up to 40 years when maintained correctly. Treated pine decking can be oiled, stained or even painted in a range of colours, making it easy to match to your home and the surrounding landscape.

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